DPF Fault !!!!!

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Re: DPF Fault !!!!!

Post by Deker » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:56 pm

I had 18 months of GRIEF with my Discovery Sport, 14 warranty returns to the dealer, replaced DPF, engine and loads more, it drove me insane....EVENTUALLY I got a new car via dealer from JLR.

I don't know how I did it, but it nearly put me in the mental ward...new car is exactly 6 months old today...and works so far....I have no illusions, it is a JLR product, it WILL go wrong and probably very soon!

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Re: DPF Fault !!!!!

Post by Barnsh » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:12 pm

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Re: DPF Fault !!!!!

Post by Jpcamilleri » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:24 pm


I got the Amber Engine management light On after driving for a long distance on the motorway. Diagnostic computer check has shown - DPF unable to perform regeneration fault.

What is confusing is that the Amber triangle - Exhaust filter nearly full or Red warning Exhaust filter full did not appear on the screen.

Has anybody encountered such an occurrence?

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Re: DPF Fault !!!!!

Post by richie_ » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:14 am

Hi All
Spending a freezing Sunday afternoon reading 32 pages of misery
I am in same boat as many with a MY16 RR Evoque - Good for 2 years and then 4 X "Go straight to Red do not pass Amber" in the last 12 weeks
Car with dealer for 1/2 that time with latest failure 8 days after return
Have a CRC case number but hopeless situation there - just my driving style blah... blah..
Ballarat dealer great but not the dealer I bought the car from. They are about 200Km away - when i bought no local dealer. Have never spoken to them since i bought teh car so not sure how trying to reject it with them would go?
Don't think I have the SSM73697 issue VIN number is lower than the range in the advisory and have had 1 new DPF and sensor anyway
Driving style not helping but hasn't changed at all and first 2 years all well
Few questions please
1) From the Exhaust System DPF operation.pdf it states passive regeneration


Does this mean passive regeneration only slows down soot build up - Soot burnt < soot generated - surely not ..aaargh

2) Has anyone from Aus successfully challenged JLR at VCAT - I'm not prepared to involve lawyers

3) I suspect many problems are because there is such a narrow range of soot levels between implementing active regeneration and full failure
Not entirely sure of the figures for an Evoque but this from Fullfat forum for RR

DPF levels.JPG

Active regeneration starts at about 20grm

Take the above figures and this scenario

a) You can blast up the motorway all you like and may only increase your soot to 17grms for example
b) You then potter around for a day doing short trips - level gets to 19
c) its a work day and you've got a few deliveries. You go for a short blast to your first job 12mins say - levels go above 20+ , your doing above 40mph, tank is half full, engine hot etc etc - so active regen kicks in.
d) You have no awareness of this. You slow down before regen finishes, then go to your next two jobs all at speeds etc that allow the ECU to instigate an active regen but not long enough for it to get finished. That's three failures 2 days after a 200mph motorway trip
e) All the time the soot is rising after failed regen attempts
f) Next day you use the car, the soot level has tipped over to 27.5 before engine even gets hot and there you are Red light and limp home

It's a loose loose situation unless you either know whats happening soot level or you do 20 + min trips almost every 2nd day to make sure that at some point you are doing one when the soot gets above 20 and before 27

4) So just wondering if any member has found a device that can read live data from the OBDII port. The IIDTool from GAP can do it and there are some good forum posts showing various soot levels - Downside is that its about $800 aus. Nexas make an ND206 that can force an active regen according to its blurb but I am in discussions regarding getting live data for soot. I know its not ideal for most but if i could easily and cheaply measure the soot levels i would know when to do a scheduled burn without interrupting it . Whilst i am trying to sort out how to get rid of the car or get some satisfaction from JLR

Cheers Richard

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Re: DPF Fault !!!!!

Post by VeryDiscoSport » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:01 am

richie_ wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:14 am

Few questions please
1) From the Exhaust System DPF operation.pdf it states passive regeneration

Does this mean passive regeneration only slows down soot build up - Soot burnt < soot generated - surely not ..aaargh
Sadly, yes. Passive regeneration does nothing during normal driving and only reduces the soot loading on the DPF monolith during hard driving. As the DPF operations manual states, the engine always produces soot faster than the DOC can process it. This is due to the fact that, unlike the XE, the DOC is some way back, not mounted onto the turbo.

Regarding the soot loading, I think that the active regen trigger is 36% full (don't have the grams) and that it considers it to be clean at 10%, all measured by extrapolating back pressure. A very narrow band, but that's the it has to be: this type of DPF can't be loaded up like a conventional device because it's doing the 3-way SCR processing as well. Some photos here of an AA patrol's Bosch diagnostic software.


Good luck.
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