Tailgate opening and closing on its own (Rain related ?)

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Tailgate opening and closing on its own (Rain related ?)

Post by vaise » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:31 am

Not sure if this relates to rain, but been having torrential rain here in Australia lately (no more fires).
The wife reported closing her door, locking car, then the tail gate opened on its own. As she went to it, it started a little dance.
Today it again did this and it opened onto a wall as we were in a car park, I rush to be back and it does another dance - up and down. Got wife to drive forward and I forced it closed. Took it to dealer - of course it never did it there, they said they reset boot stuff or something anyway.
Just now, we were able to catch all this funny stuff on video. Walk past rear with key in hand, boot opens and closes, up and down. Does not matter which key. This was also in the rain.
Im going to take it back to dealer again tomorrow. Its a MY17 car, still under warranty.

Anyone experienced this ?
My17 Black Discovery Sport HSE 150. Cirrus leather. BSM/Rear traffic alert. Australian Spec. Built Feb 2017. Delivered May 1st.

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