Does N025 apply to early DS models?

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Does N025 apply to early DS models?

Post by papekani » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:47 pm

Hi there. First post here so please be gentle.

Just taken delivery of a used DS 2.0l HSE Auto. It's on a 65 plate and first registered in Dec 2015, so I assume 2016MY. Out of warranty, obviously, with no documentation to suggest it was extended.

I bought it from an independent (not LR) garage with 47,000 miles on the clock. OSH shows that it has been serviced as per schedule, but a "Serviced Required" message was showing when I test drove it. Garage called local LR dealership who advised them to do an oil & filter change, which they did using genuine parts, and the "Service Required" message no longer appears.

It's left me a bit confused about the oil dilution counter though. On FB, some people have said it needs resetting (by LR) but the issue is that I don't have any kind of separate indicator for the oil service countdown. I understand that N025 was intended to separate the oil and main service messages but when I test drove it, it definitely said just "Service Required" (no mention of oil).

TOPIX doesn't show any outstanding campaigns for the vehicle.

So did N025 apply to the early models or not?

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