Rear view camera problem

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Rear view camera problem

Post by Mamil » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:12 am

I had LTB 01019 "Tow bar graphic alignment" done on my car earlier this week, which involved replacing the rear camera and bezel so that the red ball and yellow line on the screen lines up with the actual tow ball position.

Since then the rear view camera system has gone totally haywire - random oblongs appear on the screen even when there's nothing behind, no menu buttons appear on the screen, and I can't switch between the three different modes. The camera itself also seems to be much more of a 'fisheye' view than the original.

Dealer is currently avoiding my calls which they tend to do as a stalling tactic when they don't know what the problem is, so in the meantime I wondered if anyone had the same issue and what the resolution might be? Thanks.
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