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Re: Rav4 - where it can't match the DS

Post by ron » Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:57 am

roadster wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:30 am
I said I would report about my RAV4 in a balanced way so here is an area where it can't match the DS and doesn't really come close. One of the pleasant surprises you get with the DS is that the "Sport" bit is actually much better than could be expected of an SUV. The RAV4 doesn't have any pretentions in this area and, although it has the power, when you try to press on and use all of that 222 HP the handling and ride quality deteriorates pretty quickly. It squirms about both under acceleration and under heavy braking and lets you know you really shouldn't be trying that hard. The DS retains its composure and its ride comfort much better when pushed a little harder, and never feels in any kind of difficulty when using full throttle or cornering briskly. Some of this difference is because the RAV4 doesn't transition to four wheel drive quickly enough to give the same "cornering on rails" characteristic but its also because the quality of the suspension doesn't have the same suppleness and damping control. The DS owner can enjoy a luxurious ride under any circumstances but perhaps the RAV4 has to be driven more carefully within its limitations. Having said all that I expect that nine out of ten owners have no intention of driving in anything other than gentle fashion and for them its possible that only at motorway speeds would the DS have the big advantage.
that confirms what i read recently about the moose test done in Sweden.
The report is worth reading.

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