Taking DS Camping

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Taking DS Camping

Post by Sparky007 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:03 pm

Had the DS for a couple of months now. So far so good, really enjoying the car (not owned a Land Rover before).

Considering taking the car camping, just 2 of us, myself & wife. Not just packing up and pitching a standard tent, but looking at sleeping in the car with an ‘SUV tent’ attached to the boot. As a quick first test, I collapsed the mid/rear seats, pushed the front seats forward a bit and climbed in with the wife.... Bit of a an angle front to back and a bump where the mid seats fold but nothing of concern. Space wise was fine, I’m 6’ and can lay flat.

With the first test passed, I’ve seen a number of boot/SUV tents available in various shapes and sizes. They look to be the same as a regular tent but with a special flap/opening that connects to the rear open tailgate/boot. Plan is to sleep in the relative comfort of the car and use the tent for storage, dressing, cooking etc). It looks like you can ‘unhitch’ the flap to the car quite easy if we wanted to use the car.

So on the face of it, all looks good. Just wondered if anyone else has tried anything similar? If so, any thoughts or advice? Would if be ok to leave the boot open for long periods without draining power or the car getting upset?

Thanks, Sparky.

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