Tailgate struts

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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by Caninecapers » Thu May 17, 2018 7:45 pm

Tailgate struts and rear disks and pads replaced under warranty today.....car has 24500 miles on the clock.

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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by DS SteveB » Fri May 18, 2018 6:44 am

I have just had my 'first' major service, I had the front pads changed for brake squeal in January & now I felt a bit of brake judder & the technician saw that the rear discs were pitted so these are being changed under warranty also. I also had one tailgate strut changed under warranty last year as it was making a crunching noise & they are changing the other one now as it is making a similar noise. Both these are faults that are well known to LR so don't let them fob you off! Make sure that if the discs are changed that they put new pads in at the same time. :D
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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by Caninecapers » Fri May 18, 2018 2:33 pm

I have never had a problem with the dealership, excellent service over the last eight years. They changed the disks and pads plus the tailgate struts without any hassle...there are one or two good JLR dealerships around!

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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by Buy british » Fri May 18, 2018 2:58 pm

Does anyone have info on whether this was only a problem on certain past production runs, ... or is it still becoming apparent on latest cars ?...😒

If it is... What the flip are they doing about it ?...
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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by philn » Fri May 18, 2018 9:00 pm

Buy british wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 2:58 pm
Does anyone have info on whether this was only a problem on certain past production runs, ... or is it still becoming apparent on latest cars ?...😒

If it is... What the flip are they doing about it ?...
Tailgate struts have been an issue since launch of DS.

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Re: Tailgate struts

Post by Hillwalker » Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:40 pm

Well that was an interesting experience!!

I booked the car in to have the struts replaced under warranty, and following advice from guys on here I looked at my rear discs and lo and behold they were corroded something dreadful, so I asked for them to be attended to at the same time under warranty.

The LR guy drew a sharp intake of breath and said they would investigate and let me know.

Some hours later I got the call, 'Your car is all ready to collect, Sir'.

Me: Did you replace the rear discs under warranty?
LR: No, Sir, we can't do that as you have driven it to the point that the pads are 85% worn
Me: I don't understand how that makes a difference, they are seriously corroded regardless of how worn the pads are.
LR: Company policy, Sir

In the meantime my video 'health report' has arrived informing me that my rear discs are very seriously corroded with pads 85% worn (My front are perfect with 30% wear), and that I should have them replace under warranty ASAP as they cannot be done if pad wear reaches 90%.

I do not mention any of this to the LR man, I decide to keep it in case I need to use it as ammunition with Customer Relations later.

LR man: We can replace your discs and pads for about £450 Sir, but we can't do them under warranty as I have already explained.
Me: I am not satisfied with that, the excessive corrosion was noted and recorded by you when my car had a 21,000 miles service, why were they not changed then?
LR man: I cannot comment on that, Sir
Me: If I have to pay for the discs to be replaced I want you to let me have the old ones to take as evidence to Customer Relations, because I believe this is an issue that should be sorted under warranty.
LRman: I will go and talk to the boss and see what we can do

Goes away for a chat and comes back

LRman: Under the circumstances we might be able to do it a little cheaper for you as a gesture.
Me: No, I am not satisfied with that, I believe the discs should be replaced under warranty.
LR Man: Sorry but with 85% wear on the discs we can't do it under warranty.

I now want to get it sorted and get my car back, so I make a gesture

Me: OK, what if I offer the meet the cost of the pads, will you agree to replace the discs under warranty?
LR man: I will talk to the boss.

Comes back.

LR Man: Ok, the boss says we can do that, we replace the discs and you pay for the pads.

Next day (Day 3) I get the call, 'Your car is ready, Sir.

I go in and get presented with a bill for £195.00 (£75 parts, £120 labour)

Me: I am not paying that labour charge.
LR man Looks at me in astonishment
Me: If you are replacing the discs you have to remove and refit the pads anyway
LR Man: yes, so what? They are new pads.
Me: That is irrelevant, you would have to remove and replace them even if you were putting the old ones back, I am not paying £120 labour.
LR: I will have to talk to the boss

Different LR man comes back, big smile.

LR Man 2: That is quite right, Sir, We wouldn't have thought of that in a million years! We won't charge for the labour, just supply of the parts, £75 +£15 VAT.

I pay the man just to get my car back.

I still believe the pads should have been replaced as part of the warranty, their excess wear was almost certainly due to the poor state of the discs, and that happened because they failed to change them at the 21,000 miles service. There is no other plausible explanation how rear pads can by 85% worn and front pads only 30%

My faith in LR is far from restored!
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