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MY 2020

Post by Telemarkskier » Tue May 19, 2020 8:09 pm

For those who have taken the plunge and are driving the latest versions of the Disco Sport what are your opinions on it. did you pay out for the R Dynamic or stick with the standard version. Anyone with the 240D....just how thirsty is it? On line reviews still dislike the 9 speed auto, is it really that bad?

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Re: MY 2020

Post by Brian_DL13 » Tue May 19, 2020 9:26 pm

Well, I bought the R-design D240 and had it delivered the day of lockdown 😨 I've only done a couple of hundred miles, but FWIW here's my opinion. (MY DS is replacing a Discovery 4 which I've had for 6 years. Great car, very very capable and pretty reliable too, but getting to the point where it needs money spending on it and it's a bit overkill for our current needs. Had hoped to have sold it by now, but CV19 got in the way 🤔)

The good

Great to drive. Comfortable suspension even on country roads (I specced 19" wheels rather than the standard 20" ones, this no doubt helped). Very very quiet. On a smooth road the noise of the tyres on the tarmac is the loudest noise. Nice positive steering. No complaints about the engine / gearbox - no takeoff lag and very smooth changes. It rather encourages fast driving 😁. Much prefer the new style gearstick to that rubbish rotary knob in other / earlier JLR vehicles. The auto stop start is brilliant, you hardly notice it (On my D4 it's quite noticeable and I soon had it turned off). Comfortable seats. Lots of room inside, nice large boot etc - except for the fact that I'd think twice if you're over 6ft, you might find it a bit tight in the drivers seat. Well built, no squeaks or rattles so far. Interior is very elegant and stylish, nice dashboard. HUD of speed is brilliant. Satnav is much better than earlier JLR vehicles (with one exception, see below). DAB radio good. Phone connection good. Cordless phone charger works well.

Not so good

Some bits of shiny plastic on the upper dashboard cause reflections on the screen. I have learnt to ignore/see past them, but someone at JLR should have their harris kicked for allowing it. Not a lot of storage space (compared to my D4 at least). Metal inlay on the steering wheel is needless and annoying bling. 6ft 1"max driver height. Much time had to be spent learning how this computer on wheels worked, so many settings etc. (but I suspect most upmarket cars are like that these days). The satnav has one flaw - you can't add your own POIs 😤. THough to be fair this is the fault of the satnav supplier, (what used to be Navteq I believe). They claim to be working on it but wouldn't give any indication of when it might arrive after I emailed them.

Fuel consumption I can't comment on yet. I took a gamble on JLR having sorted out the oil dilution thing and at the moment it's telling me next service at 20k miles / 680 days, so that looks good even though it's early days.

Overall I'm very happy so far. Most of the not so good things are relatively minor annoyances. The fundamentals are all very impressive.

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Re: MY 2020

Post by Stroh » Wed May 20, 2020 2:07 am

I don't have a previous Land Rover to compare to but it is easily the nicest vehicle I have owned yet. Most recently a 2007 Toyota 4Runner. There is a learning curve with all the tech options, but they can be ignored and you just go with the default settings if that isn't your thing.
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Re: MY 2020

Post by lodgic » Wed May 20, 2020 7:39 am

I switched from a 2016 150d to a 2020 250p

Build is a huge step up its very quiet and the gearbox is ok but with occasional “um what gear should I chose!”
Fuel use is higher as it’s petrol but then performance is very good

The tech is complex if you want it to be but as said running on factory setting is fine

The stop start is much improved helped by the mild hybrid

So far so good 4000 miles
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Re: MY 2020

Post by Shakey » Thu May 21, 2020 8:46 am

Ive done 4000miles in my 180 R Dynamic MY20 since February after having a D180 SE Tec 2017 with no problems, fuel consumption is good with loads of tech and gadgets, all good.

It is great towing and a much more refined drive than the old model.
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Re: MY 2020

Post by xxtrail » Thu May 21, 2020 12:07 pm

Like lodgic, I changed from a 2015 DS HSE SD4 2.2 Auto to the 2020 petrol HSE P250. Yes, fuel consumption is not as good, but similar to other makes with the same weight and bhp. Had to go to petrol as the Ingenium diesels can't cope with my low mileage and short journeys.

Only done 2000 miles due to lockdown but absolutely loving it, improved all around and tech is far better. Quiet and powerful and no worries about Adblue related issues.
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Re: MY 2020

Post by Telemarkskier » Thu May 21, 2020 9:29 pm

Thanks all, its encouraging to see the good reports. Hopefully I can geta test drive soon enough and then more than likly order one.

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Re: MY 2020

Post by Elliot » Thu May 21, 2020 10:07 pm

Go for it, great car.

So smooth and silent
Narvik 250P hse, lovely

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