Rear view camera washer

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Rear view camera washer

Post by screech » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:04 pm

Winter is creeping on us slowly and our rear view cameras seem to be useless in bad weather, so I made my now usual attempt at a DIY solution. I followed the same principle as in my previous 2014 Mazda6, by splitting the washer line next to the brake light and routing it to the camera. Apart from one hole drilled in the camera housing area (plastic), no harm done to the vehicle. All is safely tucked away and protected from water, using original cable routing holes.

A few hours and busted knuckles later, this is the result:

Rear view camera washer

Stay tuned for a DIY writeup, I managed to take some pictures on the way!


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chicken george
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by chicken george » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:25 pm

whats not to like?
Im training my sons to 'lick camera clean wi tounge' (think yorkshiremen monty python) as they walk past the rear of the car on the school run,so far its not working out
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by screech » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:41 am

As promised, here is the DIY. You can either see the whole gallery here or scroll down.

Photo of finished work:


Parts list:

- around 1,5-2 m of clear silicone hose, 3-5 mm diameter.
- Y splitter for washer fluid hose
- one-way valve for washer fluid hose
- right angle connector for washer fluid hose
- around 1,5-2 m ribbed cable routing hose. Not necessary, but I like things reinforced
- cable ties for making everything rattle free
- electrical tape to seal off grommet openings
- black silicone
- replacement trim clips same as in doors


- interior trim removal levers (this helped tremendously in not breaking the trim clips)
- M8 bit for boot door handle
- M10 bit for spoiler bolts and nuts
- wire cutters
- sharp knife


Remove boot trim panels, both the lower and upper parts.

Remove spoiler

After taking the spoiler off, in the top-right corner of the boot you will find a round grommet with a cable and a hose going in. There is room for one more hose to go through, I managed to widen the opening with nose-pliers and route my shielded hose that way.

The camera and license lamp housing comes off after undoing four M10 nuts from the inside of the boot and gently pulling the black plastic trim to the bottom. It is additionally held with four white trim clips, so you need to tug sharply, but gently, so as not to break them. Have replacement clips ready just in case.

You can the drill the camera housing using a drill of correct diameter for your hose and connectors. I made an error and drilled through two sheets of plastic, piercing the internal camera surround. This is not necessary, you only need to drill through the outer, visible layer next to the camera, and the hose will bend slightly to plug onto the connector from the inside at an angle.

Now it's time to route the hose on the inside right-hand side of the boot top to bottom - you have to find a way through different layers of metal, they are welded together tightly. The hose should come out through this opening. Be sure to leave some extra hose for when you tuck everything in nicely.

You can then insert the right-angle connector from the outside of the camera and plug it into the hose on the inside, covering the whole area from the inside with a thick layer of black silicone. I also added a few dabs from the outside, to seal the opening really well.

To connect your new hoses, with a lenght of approx. 15 cm coming out of the rubber grommet on top of boot, you need to disconnect the existing washer line and use a Y splitter (one way valve too). This should be pretty straightforward, as under the spoiler the washer line is not the corrugated plastic type, but regular rubber. Just a simple off-back on affair. Unfortunately, I don't have any spare hands to hold the camera when I'm connecting all those bits. There is just enough space between the boot and the spoiler for the additional hose. Be sure to connect the brake lamp cable and put everything back the way it was assembled at the factory plus the new hose.

In the boot lid I used an additional [url]one-way valve[/url] to make sure no air goes back into the system from the end nozzle. Also, if I ever have the need to replace any of the hoses, I won't have to remove the camera, which takes up quite a lot of time first time round.

Tie everything up with a few zip-ties and your're good to go!

Operation - outside

Operation - inside

As an upgrade, I would look into a better nozzle that doesn't necessarily go close to the camera - the one I have gives a shadow in the top left corner of the image. It's mildly annoying, but until I have a better nozzle available, it's way better than having no washer. I would go for a high-pressure one with an adjustable brass pinhole This could stick out of the housing nicely, without obscuring the view.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by Chippy » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:46 am

An impressive result screech and an excellent write up.

I’d be interested in knowing roughly how much time you invested just in the work (excluding the time that you spent gathering the bits together.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by screech » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:54 am

Thanks Chippy, it took me around two hours of actual work. Not knowing how the pieces are assembled is the biggest time-waster. If only there had been a writeup available! :lol: I think I could be up and running within an hour now that I know what the order would be. As I mentioned in my first post - this is my second car equipped with a similar solution, so I suppose I had it in my head already.

The price for all the bits and pieces couldn't have been more than a few quid. I bought all the components in an automotive supply shop, they are bog standard and universal.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by Badgerface » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:00 pm

Good effort screech.

As an aside, the FFRR/RRS and I think the new D5 (not sure) all have this feature as JLR definitely have a Camera Lens with built in washer jet...might be worth trawling scrappies for a used part and then following your excellent 'how to' guide.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by Barnsh » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:01 pm

I'll make this a sticky due to the great instructions , thanks screech.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by screech » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:36 am

Just a quick update after one year:

I changed the nozzle in the summer, as the original one was a makeshift temporary solution made of a 90 degree coupling. Really ugly and not using much pressure at all. So currently I have a single adjustable nozzle from an old FIAT, bought new for not more than 1 pound.

This would be the nozzle, press-in type:


This is how it looks on the car:


And this is how it looks from inside the car:


Only drawback is the left-hand upper corner of the screen is slightly obscured, but I just got used to it. It could probably be fixed with a flat nozzle, not sticking out the way mine does, but it works and looks well, so I can't really be bothered.
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Re: Rear view camera washer

Post by mortod » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:16 pm

I wonder if the trim can be cur to make this fit:
(Camera/washer from a RangeRover)

Image ... 0033.m2042
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