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Hi JoPowell
All the advice above is correct, don't let them screw you over!
REMEMBER get everything in writing and keep an accurate log about all conversations, it's your money you're protecting.
I rejected 2 x DS and had COMPLETE refunds of my outlays, it wouldn't have happened if i hadn't documented and kept a diary of everything. Don't let the JLR CRC give you the runaround put all your advice to them in writing even if it's just to confirm a conversation (repeat the conversation in your doc) get names, dates and times.
Do a search for any Technical Service Bulletins as well although I now expect that JLR don't put anything in writing anymore because it catches them out. I used their own information against them, they had nowhere to go, but they managed to delay all my claims for over 18 months. I had over 200+ pages of info in the end.
Good luck, don't let them offer anything below a complete cover for the repairs! As stated, most countries consumer laws cover you way beyond the factory warranty, especially with fair and reasonable expectations of reliability of essential systems e.g. engines, gearboxes, diffs etc. quote this stuff back to JLR and keep doing it.
In every bit of correspondence to JLR I quoted their obligations to comply with consumer laws and fair and reasonable expectations allowed under those laws.
Good luck and don't let the &*)%$#@*'s grind you down...
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