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If the car has been operated and maintained in accordance per Manufacturer's instructions, which it sounds like it has, then warranty becomes somewhat irrelevant and it's down to the sales of goods act and what is considered reasonable. It is not reasonable for engine failure at 64,000 miles and 4 years. It's also pretty clear that as one of the early ingenium engines, there are likely to be teething troubles. Additional anecdotal evidence certainly helps too.

Hence LR is liable for the lions share of repair costs. That's the law, simple as that. LR know it and will normally play ball if asked, so it's down to the the service manager.

So, in simple terms, the garage service manager is a useless $!^@% and needs a rocket under his ar$e. Contrast him with the guy at Vauxhall I spoke to WRT my son in Law's car (see below), who, without prompting immediately suggested we put in a claim. But it's down to who you speak to and how competent and customer orientated they are, as I guess it's a lot of paperwork and hassle for them. Much easier to just ask the customer for a cheque.

What he should have said to your Dad is that we're putting in a goodwill claim and we'll let you know what LR say. Not, it'll cost you £7k. That's lazy and incompetent and I'd be dragging him over the coals for not doing his job and not looking after his customer.
Your Dad will have something to pay as a contribution but I'd expect no more than 30% or so. Painful but a lot less than at 100%.
I've been through a few of these such issues and when pressed, manufacturers are normally pretty compliant. They'll try to fob you off with a low offer initially but stick to your guns and it usually improves. 80% contribution is where most end up.

A couple of examples.
My Brother in law had the water ingres issue on his 5 year old XF. £1500 bill. Jaguar paid 80%.
My Son in Law had an overheat issue and head gasket failure on his 5 year old Astra. Bill was £1200. Vauxhall paid 80%.
My 4 year old Mercedes had a diff leak. Mercedes paid 100%

So, the 3 year warranty is helpful but a small part of the story.

LR have a goodwill claims department. Tell your garage to use it.
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