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Reference SSM72215
Models Discovery Sport / L550 (514720 → 501001)
Title L550 Hood clash with headlamps
Category Body
Last modified 16-Mar-2015 00:00:00
Symptom 112000 Latches/Locks & Security
Attachments L550 Bump Stop & striker loop SSM1.pdf

Content Issue:
Customers report that the hood is contacting the headlamps either at rest or during motion.

Incorrect length bump stops fitted during production.

Please carry out the following instructions, in this order, on vehicles that have had no prior adjustments to latches or hinges:

1) Remove the bump stops completely

2) Set the hood striker hoop to 57mm, as per attached document (Fig. 2) which is measured from base plate to top of hoop.

3) Close hood (DO NOT drop and cause damage) and check whether there is a gap between headlights and bonnet. Nominal gap is 6mm - use feeler gauges (Fig. 3).
Note: the gap should be measured when the hood is in closed and static position.

4) If there is no gap (0 - 4.4mm) in closed position then increase length of D-loop until correct gap is achieved.

5) Once correct gap is achieved, fit new level bump ( CJM500010) stops and set their height according to the increase in D-loop length i.e. if D-loop is set at 60mm (3mm longer) then set the bump stop at 28mm (25mm + 3mm) as measured in attached document (Fig. 1).

a) If hood has free play when closed or contacts the headlamps during closing then further increase the height of the bump stops to suit. Do not adjust striker D-loop.

b) If hood requires excessive force to close then decrease the height of the bump stop to suit, again, do not drop the hood and cause further damage. Do not adjust striker D-loop.

6) If the D-loop reaches its extreme length and does not give a gap then please check the height of the latches. (Fig. 4) helps to reference the said area. See attached document for nominal position. Height is 9mm from top of latch body to blue panel shown on the bonnet locking platform (Fig. 5). Both left and right latches should be checked.

7) Keep striker D-loop at its extreme longest length. Move latches upwards until the correct gap between headlamps and hood is achieved (6mm nominal as per Fig. 3).

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Guys it would be worth checking this on your DS given that there has been a lot of new owners recently.
I opened the bonnet for the first time this weekend and to my surprise there was no bump stops fitted at all :shock: never mind just the wrong size.
On top of that the battery cover hadn't been secured so had fell into the engine bay. I found the securing plastic bolt things in beside the battery. I've now fitted it but it will be going in to get the bump stops fitted so I will get them to double check its secured properly.
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