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I've had my car since beginning of April. I have over driven it for over 5000 kms.
I bought it in Paris and drove it to Athens, Greece. Great drive.
I went offroad many times, around Athens and in the Greek Islands.
The car behaved beautifully at all times. Construction is very good, engine is flawless, interior is very modular. As far as the intofainment is concerned, I must say I am very satisfied too. Concerning Satnav, I read some bad comments. In my case, it has been the best GPS system I have ever seen working. Even better than google maps. It litterally knew all the dirt tracks in Crete, 3m wide entries in the highway coming from bushes, camping spots, etc. It has a huge database of hotels, restaurants, shops, which proved to be accurate at all times. This literally changed my life.

If I was to complain, I would just say that the clutch is a bit smelly (lots of driving in the mountains though), and that gas consumption is obviously higher than expected (around 8L/100km). Apart from that, it is in my mind, and with no exaggeration, the best car in the market for my family.

Lastly, though I understand this is very subjective, I am of the opinion that it is the most beautiful car on the market, all categories, all prices.

If I had to buy it again, I would.
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