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Beast said:
Nearly lost the all to live yesterday when towing my caravan as parking sensors kicked in every go me I turned left or right at Junction and the little dAshboard button wS useless - they sounded again seconds later.

On arriving at the sight it was a nightmare when reversing onto the pitch - gongs and bloody sensors going off constantly, dog going dented and my wife outside giving directions.

Is the a way of TOTALLY and permanently disabling this function? I loath these things and perfectly well a my life without them.

Car is going in next week for some jobs anyway but does anyone know if it's something we can turn on and off?
Not that I know of but you can reduce the volume to zero or near zero - just use the volume buttons on the steering wheel whilst parking radar is active (ie beeping at you). This should take away most of the irritation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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