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I am driving the SE and enjoy the car so far, 5500km on the clock. The console futures are nice but some of the settings and features are missing and can be improved. Like:
- station following for the radio
- better engine braking when in speedo cruising mode
- the audible indication when locking the car (previous versions had the selection?)
- the alarm which go off when you leave the car and do not lock. On return a minute later with key in hand, the alarm will go off when you open any door. Very irritating when you and the family are at home busy to pack your bags in the car. Should have a setting to disable this feature
- the fuel tank size 70l? With a full fuel tank it shows only a reach of 470km!
- would be nice to edit my favorite destinations on a PC, it is already on the navigation memory disk.

Other areas I woul like to change now that I experienced the car:
- The SE can not select Zenon head lights as an option.
- No air vent or adjusting for passengers in back seat as standard? All cars in this price range and even lower can do this surely!
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