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Some say the adblue should last until its service interval, but I can't see it. VW has the filler in the boot floor but I'm not 100% sure, which is filled during its service, I don't know if it lasts that long or if its just part of the service schedule.

I think the new Transit gets 4 fuel ups to 1 adblue.

The buses/coaches at work have been using it for years, they get topped up every night but think they could go 2 shifts perhaps longer before it needs topped up. The adblue tanks are very small in comparison to the fuel tank, so shouldn't take up much room in the car. I remember when we first got our Euro 5 buses, there was this monumental fear of adblue but now its just the norm.

It aint the nicest smelling stuff, it get mouth fuels of the fumes when checking over my big Volvo in the mornings. I glow blue in the dark :lol:
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