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I am in Cyprus with a DS TD4 150 SE. There has been no mention of any In Control Apps so was thinking that this functionality is not included for Cyprus.

However, can this be enabled in some way? I am bringing the car back to Uk with me later this year and would like to make use of this if possible.


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Hi Funkster,

The InControl Apps option was not offered on all markets. In order for the vehicle to have InControl Apps, this would have had to be selected as a cost option at the time of original build. This is not something that Land Rover provide an aftermarket retrofit for on vehicles.

Therefore unfortunately you would not be able to enable this on the current vehicle.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks,

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Thank for the quick response. At least I know this now. I had hoped that it would be a software update. Not a great loss at the moment but as things improve it may have proved worthwhile.
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