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Just saved myself a new Ipod purchase and thought I should share....

I have an old I-pod - think its known as an i-pod classic (or Jurassic edition maybe! :D )

Anyway it worked fine on my Evoque but when I came to plug it into the Disco Sport centre armrest USB - no joy! Didn't appear in the source menu - weird! :shock:

I borrowed another more upto date Ipod and it worked no problem so thought that was the issue. :(

:idea: Then I remembered hearing or reading somewhere that only 'official' apple leads will work in some cars. So I swapped the generic lead that I had bought and used in the Evoque for an original white (and grubby) Apple lead and ... Hey Presto! there it is in the source menu and happily pushing out some banging tunes :lol:

So...if your ipod classic doesn't work try using the original Apple lead if you aren't doing so already.

Maybe this will help someone?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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