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Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the forum to share the following that I learned on the journey to achieving an AWESOME LED headlight upgrade on my Disco Sport 2016 that came with the truly terrible halogen headlights. I'm not going to share a blow by blow account of every mistake and learning point, let's cut to the chase with the winning formula.....

> Dipped Beam: Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED H7 (Twin)
> Main Beam & DRL: H15 Twenty20 Impact LED 12V Headlight Bulbs (Pair)
> Side: HSUN T10 501 194 LED Side Light Bulbs,12V-24V W5W

These lamps all match well regarding colour, cause no CANBUS errors and provide the best beam pattern you will get from LED at the time of writing.

IMPORTANT: You will also need an after market retaining clip for the dipped beam like this:

Font Auto part Art Metal Fictional character

Just Google "Discovery Sport H7 Retaining Clip" for these, you may get them from your bulb supplier or just off eBay or Amazon.

Fitting is easy but here are some tips:

  • Just unscrew the caps under the bonnet to access the lamps
  • Remove the two twist clips to disconnect the air box to improve access on the near side
  • The side light bulbs push into white "plastic sticks" in the main beam area that you just pull out (pull quite hard)
  • The main beam H15 do not need any retaining clips, just the dipped beam H7
  • Mark your beam height on your garage door before changing for reference
  • Turn the green hex (easy to find) to adjust the lights if necessary (mine were fine)
  • There are two green hex each side by the bulb caps, one does up and down and the other side to side

Happy to help with questions but I think this is all you need. It was a ton of faff to get this info but with it the task is a breeze! And the lights are AMAIZING.

Hope that's of assistance to some "fellow suffers" of Land Rover halogens lol!!


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Please note that since January 2021, the MOT Inspection manual has been updated to include LED bulbs.

Section 4.1.4 now states the following:

“Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.”

This is a brand new update that seems to only focus on headlights.

There are no mentions to fail other LED bulbs such as brake lights, tail lights or reversing lights.
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