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My Wife and I ordered a new Disco Sport last week, now all I have to do is wait. Delivery is apparently due in September. That's because we are waiting for the new 2lt engine.
We are moving from the Evoque mainly because the front seats leave a lot to be desired. Not until we took delivery did we realise that the Pure Tech passenger seats had very poor adjustment, only front to back, no way to raise very much at all.
It is true that my dear wife is not particularly tall but we have never had seats that were too low to see over the dash before.
I am 6ft ish and in truth it is an issue for me but I could live with it, but we had to buy a bloody cushion for her to see from. How stupid is that? I did try to buy differen/better seats but they are not available! To drive is less of a problem because she can at least raise the seat her but even then she has blind spots caused by the A pillar's. The ride is a problem too because it is too hard. The Freelander I had two years ago had a pleasant ride but not so the Evoque. So the Evoque has to go. Two years old and 11.500 miles later...............
This time we have both had extensive road tests (something we didn't do when we bought the Evoque?) We have gone for top of range seats too with lots of movement built in . Now I just hope it will live up to my expectations. September does seem a long way off.

I will be back, with good news I hope.

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