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We've now had our DS for a couple of months and have just completed our first really long trip. This was from Suffolk to the Tunnel then west to the Loire Valley, south to the Dordogne, east to Geneva and then North to Calais and home; a total of 2k miles. My observations from this run are;

A very quiet comfortable cruiser with plenty of space for 4 people and their luggage.

The absence of place names on the sat-nav is a nightmare, a map is needed all the time.

After filling up with diesel the range on the trip computer never showed more than 410 miles even though average fuel consumption wasshown as 36.6mpg. Does anyone else have this issue?

The fuel consumption for the whole trip of 36.6 mpg included considerable distances of 81 mph cruising which canes the fuel consumption. Our last 250 miles to Calais, over which we averaged 77 mph, returned 33mpg on the trip computer. At other times, travelling sensibly, it showed over 40mpg.

On filling up and comparing the real mpg against the trip computer I found a considerable variation; at least 3 mpg less in the real world. I am now carrying out an accurate check on this to check the variation in readings on my day to day motoring.

My overall conclusion is that the car is a superb tool for this type of journey. I used a new Range Rover Sport over the New Year for a similar journey and whilst a great car it was certainly not worth, to me, the £25k premium over the DS.
Fuel consumption is not great but that was no surprise or disappointment as we have owned an Evoque and Freelander 2 previously; that may well change with the new engines now being introduced.
Something must be done about the sat-nav, there are several features where it is inferior to the Evoque system apart from the lack of town names and that wasn't the best of systems.

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