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After 4 years of very enjoyable ownership of my MY16 SE Tech I finally handed it over in part exchange for my new Skoda Enyaq iV 60

I have not said much in this forum because for a long time I have been biting my nails trying not to tempt fate as I did not fully appreciate the oil dilution problem when I purchased the car and my daily commute is only 10 miles each way.

I loved the DS every time I got into it and enjoyed driving it at all times but much of that time was spent just waiting for the dreaded DPF warning to appear.

Thankfully I have had trouble free ownership, no dilution issues, oil and filter change under Land Rover's free scheme but I can not afford to keep the vehicle without continually paying for an expensive extended warranty.

I looked at a P300e but with only 25 (ish) miles range I would be having to charge the car every night and that was going to be just too much hassle, an iPace was just too expensive (even 2nd hand) and not practical for our family outings. When LR got wind I was changing my car they tried all sorts to keep my custom but only a full BEV was going to be suitable. Maybe in 4 years time LR will have an electric Disco Sport, but at this time they have nothing suitable.

It was a sad day when I handed the keys over but finances dictated it was time to say goodbye.

Stay Safe
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