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I had a good look over the new DS this weekend. Overall quite pleased, but not a huge leap forward from our FL2. Quite long, but spacious. Looked nice build quality, but not too happy with some choice of plastic. Third row seats, although tight to get in for adults, are easily accessible and comfy for up to 11 year olds IMHO.

While disappointing that it will stick with the 2.2lt FL2 engine, I have a high level of confidence that this car has a tried and tested engine from the FL2 and a chassis from the Evoque and should be reliable from the get go. (fingers crossed) Various mags have said that the Jag 'Hotfire' engines will be for the 2WD DS cars later in the year, so not sure there is a need to wait and so probably going to go for an early delivery in April '15, subject to test drive.

A few pics.....

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