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Hi Peter

I ordered my DS in March and was due for delivery in July however i was informed by the local dealer (in Malta) that due to the new engine production was stopped and delivery re scheduled for October. Whilst i was happy to learn that the new engine is more economical, unfortunately had already sold my car (based on assurance that car will be delivered on time) . Aren't such circumstances covered by the manufacturing company and alternatives offered (such as a courtesy car) since the dealer declined to offer alternatives.?

Would you be able to confirm if new delivery dates is realistic?

Looking forward to own a LR DS :)


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Hi jocam

Thank you for your post.

I note your comments and would advise that any delivery dates that are provided by our retailers are only estimated and can be subject to change.

As delivery lead times can differ between different markets, I would be unable to advise regarding the timeframe that you have been provided with. However, I would be happy to request that you are contacted by the relevant Customer Relations Department for your vehicle market who will be able to look into your order and advise accordingly. To do so, I would be grateful if you are able to provide the following information via PM;

Your full name
Telephone number
Email address
Vehicle registration
Last 6 of VIN
Relevant vending Land Rover retailer

I look forward to hearing from you.


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