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Hello all

I wanted to pick some brains if thats ok! I was driving down to Tuscany with the family yetserday in our Disco Sport and there was a horrendous queue at one of the toll places near Milan. We were therefore constantly creeping forwards for about 45 mins so the clutch was getting more use than normal. By the time of getting to the front I could smell a burning smell and then once through the gate, the clutch pedal seemed to get stuck about halfway up/down though I then managed to release that with the top of my foot.

Car then drove fine for the next 4-5 hours down to where we're staying though with the burning smell still there. Felt there were varying degrees of intensity of the smell but not sure whether that was just breeze etc blowing it to/from us.

I haven't tried it again this morning so see how it is now that it's presumably cooled down, but wondered what advice people had. Won't be using it too much whilst here but need to drive back to the UK next weekend. There's a LR dealer in Lucca about 20 mins from us, and I need to check whether I still have European AA breakdown cover (though technically not broken down yet).

Also, if getting it seen is recommended, is it likely to be cheaper to go to the dealer or extend AA membership (if needed) and get them to do it?

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