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I was recovered twice as car lost all power on a Smart 🙄 motorway.

17 plate 67k and turbo trashed. I have seen a few posts. Anyone else suffered this?

i have never owned such a crap car. Had so many problems.
Also found a transmission leak. This was suposedly replaced 7k miles ago 🤣.
So glad I took the extended warranty.

here is the blurb

Checked for non start. COnfirmed fault. Found that when opening the oil filler cap there is excessive exhaust gasses coming through filler. Removed DPF and tried to start but found to still be the same. Disconnected CAT from turbo and re tried. Found to still be the same. Removed low pressure EGR and found turbo to have failed. Found nut to have come off the impellor shaft and is missing, Exhaust

Oil level below min due to turbo failure. Would advise an oil and filter change to be carried out when turbo is replaced

Oil leaking from PTU seals

Total 5k
Pile of 💩
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