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I said I would post the available central display modes for those who can't have or don't want the
Integrated Driver Display. So here they are:

Map Display: (same format as Pivi map but not zoomable AFAIK) - sorry for lack of roads!

Speedometer Vehicle Odometer Trip computer Tachometer

Speedometer Display:

Vehicle Car Speedometer Plant Odometer

Media Display:

Vehicle Speedometer Car Tachometer Gauge

Media/Assistance Display:

Vehicle Car Plant Speedometer Tachometer

Assistance Display:

Speedometer Car Vehicle Tachometer Plant

Trip Display:

Vehicle Car Speedometer Odometer Tachometer

Don't be too alarmed by the 19.1mpg - it was about 3 when I picked it up having only been driven off the transporter and around the dealer's workshop and it's still creeping up. I will reset it when I next refuel.
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