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  1. Faults & Technical
    Hi, I recently bought a 2nd hand Discovery Sport, 2016. Had a number of issues which were resolved (leaking coolant pipe, ad blue system blocked.) Recently on 25km drive to work, exhaust filter nearly full and then 5 mins later, red light for filter full came on. Went to LR dealer who did a...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi. Took vehicle in for a couple of issues. One was EML light. Informed its the EGR filter. Agent said DPF filter full and they just got it through MOT. Now, I have never had a DPF indication on the dashboard only the EML. My question is, what does a DPF warning look like like? Car is a March...
  3. Main Discovery Sport chat
    I have not seen an active regen for 400 miles. I normally see them between 150 and max 250 miles. Anyone got this far without one. I have done mostly motorway with that 400, not something I normally do. Hoping it is the motorway driving. If not, anyone had problems with active regens not...
  4. Faults & Technical
    hi sir, I'm scanning periodically through the OBD2 device. There was an error code called "P20FB(00)" (but the engine warning light has never been turned on), and I removed this error code. When I started the car after washing my car, I found a yellow engine warning light, and the scan showed...
1-4 of 4 Results